SP Networking

Mar 14, 2014

HP – the beginning of the end

It looks like SP Networking will no longer sell or recommend HP printers and toner. HP recently announced that we can no longer purchase toner and supplies for resale unless we sell $15000 worth of supplies every six-months. A requirement like that for a small managed services company like ours leaves us no choice but to look elsewhere.

I am already of the opinion that HP computers are garbage. Now they are trying to put their printers in the same category. What used to make HP printers a good choice is that SP Networking could easily source parts and supplies. If it becomes expensive for us to source supplies then HP becomes of little value to us or our clients.

Luckily there are companies available to fill the void. Brother has been around for awhile now and is making some really good printers. They still need to make their manuals and repair parts more readily available. Dell is in the printer game now too with re-branded Lexmark printers. Lexmark’s quality has definitely improved over the years. If these companies and others continue to improve, they will push HP into irrelevancy.

I believe HP is cutting their own throat the way Xerox did in the 80’s by trying to monopolize the market after they have competition. They are just going to close themselves off and drive their smaller supporters away.