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Mar 14, 2014

HP – the beginning of the end

It looks like SP Networking will no longer sell or recommend HP printers and toner. HP recently announced that we can no longer purchase toner and supplies for resale unless we sell $15000 worth of supplies every six-months. A requirement like that for a small managed services company like ours leaves us no choice but to look elsewhere.

I am already of the opinion that HP computers are garbage. Now they are trying to put their printers in the same category. What used to make HP printers a good choice is that SP Networking could easily source parts and supplies. If it becomes expensive for us to source supplies then HP becomes of little value to us or our clients.

Luckily there are companies available to fill the void. Brother has been around for awhile now and is making some really good printers. They still need to make their manuals and repair parts more readily available. Dell is in the printer game now too with re-branded Lexmark printers. Lexmark’s quality has definitely improved over the years. If these companies and others continue to improve, they will push HP into irrelevancy.

I believe HP is cutting their own throat the way Xerox did in the 80’s by trying to monopolize the market after they have competition. They are just going to close themselves off and drive their smaller supporters away.

Mar 10, 2014



SP Networking is currently looking to hire a part-time or contract computer repair technician.


This is a part-time position with the possibility to convert to full time.

You would be responsible for:

  • information technology support and maintenance
  • troubleshooting and resolving client computer and technology problems
  • communication of status to clients and supervisor



  • minimum 2-5 years related technical experience
  • valid drivers license
  • dependable transportation – will be reimbursed for local travel
  • pass drug screen
  • able to obtain a TWIC card (basic security background check)
  • physically able to lift 60lbs (relocate computer/servers/printers as needed)


  • ability to work independently (this is not a training position)
  • computer troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • email configuration and troubleshooting using Outlook and mobile devices
  • desktop laser printer troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • network connectivity troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • wireless network connectivity troubleshooting and problem resolution

Feb 7, 2014

How to tell if your fan is going out.

It might be time to replace the fan, or in this case, the entire computer. Sometimes the best computer repair technique is replacement.

When working on or repairing computers, SP Networking always checks the inside of the computer for damage, swollen or popped capacitors and excessive dust buildup. Fortunately, this job was a computer replacement and not a computer repair job.

Jun 21, 2013

FBI virus still going strong

The FBI virus seems to be the most common virus out there right now. It has taken over the number one spot from the the rogue/fake anti-virus program. We are getting several computers a week from with this virus and have even had one client send the money to the thieves via moneygram.

The variants we have seen so far seem to be using exploits in Java and Adobe Reader. These are usually easier avenues of attack because the software does not automatically update with windows. The computer is usually exposed to the virus through some combination of the following:

  • User account has administrative privileges
  • Less than reliable search results
  • Clicked on a SPAM link
  • Anti-Virus out of date/expired
  • Tricked by pop-up disguised as Windows or other software update
  • Tricked to install fake codec to watch a video (actually installed a virus)

If you get this virus, please don’t send them money via moneygram/moneypak. Some people are and this is what is driving them to continue. There are a lot of recommended solutions on the internet to remove this virus. Some are probably more effective than others and all have their risks.

SP Networking is a computer repair company and we do this for a living. If you would like us to remove the FBI virus, give us a call. [schema type=”organization” orgtype=”LocalBusiness” name=”SP Networking” phone=”337-214-0911″ ]

Jun 3, 2013

Change wireless password on Linksys WRT110


1. Connect computer to Router via network cable.
2. Confirm computer is connected to router with an assigned IP address:
a) Click on Network Icon in Notification Area
b) Click Open Network and Sharing Center

Confirm computer is connected to router with an assigned IP address

c) From Network and Sharing Center, click Local Area Connection
d) From, Local Area Connection Status window, click Details
e) Verify that the IPv4 Address does not start with 169, if it DOES, contact SP Networking.
3. Write down the IPv4 Default Gateway IP address from the Details window.

Verify that the IPv4 Address does not start with 169, if it DOES, contact SP Networking.

4. Open Internet Explorer
5. Type the IPv4 Default Gateway IP address into the address bar and press Enter.
6. Login using the default password: admin, if it doesn’t work, contact SP Networking.
7. Click the Wireless tab
8. Click the Wireless Security sub-tab
9. Ensure the Security Mode is set to: WPA2 Personal
10. Change/Set the Passphrase to your liking
11. Click the Save Settings button
12. Close Internet Explorer

Change wireless password on Linksys WRT110

13. Attempt to connect to your wireless device(make sure the device is not also connected with a cable)
14. DONE!