How to create a WordPress blog entry

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How to create a WordPress blog entry
Feb 18, 2014
    1. Logon to your WordPress website:
      1. URL:
      2. Username:
      3. Password:

      enter logon and password

    2. Click Posts

select Posts

    1. Click Add New

select Add New

    1. Enter a title for the post – (use relevant keywords, should be seven or less words, ie. Computer Repair Services in Lake Charles, Louisiana)
    2. Enter the blog/article – (you can copy and paste from a Word document)
    3. Select or create a Category
    4. Enter Tags – (relevant keywords for this article)

follow the next steps

    1. Set a Featured Image – (do not use copyrighted images, a picture from your phone works great or purchased stock photography)
      1. Click Set featured image
      2. Drag an image from your computer to the dashed square to upload
      3. Click Set featured image

set featured image

  1. Publish the article

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