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Software – Computer Repair

If you think you have a software problem.

WARNING: Any of these procedures can result in data loss. Proceed at your own risk. See our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

After you have completed your troubleshooting and believe you have a software problem, use the steps below.

FIRST: Unplug all devices from your computer except the monitor, keyboard and mouse. This will help you eliminate the possibility that an attached device is causing the problem.

You need to determine:

Is it an Operating System problem?

Can you see the initial boot up screens?
Does it make it to the logon screen?
Do you get the “blue screen of death” (blue screen with white letters, then reboots)?

Is it a software program problem?

Is the problem only affecting one particular program?

Is it a virus or other malware?

Are there pop-up ads even when you are not browsing the internet?
Is your browser redirecting you to sites you were NOT trying to visit?
Do you have pop-ups telling you that your computer is infected and it’s not your known anti-virus software?
You can check our Malware section for more on this: Virus Removal

Operating System

Can you see the initial boot up screens but does not:

make it to the logon screen /  hangs when logging on/ BSOD (blue screen of death):

When you see the computer splash screens but not the  Windows loading screen:

Press F12 key (may vary on different computer types.) during the  initial boot up process.
Select Last Known Good Configuration – If the system boots, it may be a sign that and update or newly installed program has caused the  issue, you can attempt to update;/reinstall the software again. If that fails, contact the software maker for help.

If “Last Known Good Configuration” does not work:

Attempt to boot into Safe Mode instead of “Last Know Good Configuration” following the steps listed above.

If you can boot into Safe Mode and the above steps have failed the issue may be related to conflicting drivers, software or a virus.Run a virus scan with your Anti-Virus software.  If an infection is found go here: Virus Removal

Right click on My Computer and select Manage. Select Device Manager from the new windows and look for  a yellow triangle symbol which could indicate conflicting hardware devices or drivers. Check with the devices manufacturer for updated drivers or device troubleshooting to resolve this issue.

Uninstall any recently installed software that may have caused this issue.

If there was no recently installed software, you can try one of the following:

Restore Point:

Repair Installation:

Software Program:

Reset the programs options to defaults
Check the makers website for known issues and solutions (this may save you a lot of time)
Run a repair installation on the program.
In Windows Control Panel  – Add/Remove Programs, some software will give you the option to Repair
Re-Install the software over the existing installation (WARNING- this may remove your user data)

When in doubt:

SP Networking:

Quick-turnaround – non-hardware issues can usually be resolved in 24-48 hours

Professional Service – we are professionally certified in the Information Technology industry

On-Site, Off-Site and Remote Support Available

Emergency Service – emergency service is available to meet your critical needs

Call, Email or Drop By – 337-376-0655 / our office is located at 1403 W. Prien Lake Rd (Holly Hill Plaza), Lake Charles, LA

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