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Virus Removal – Computer Repair

warningThis is SP Networking's Self Help Section

Use the links on the right for SP Networking’s Virus Removal Services.

Removing a virus or malware from your computer:

WARNING: Any of these procedures can result in data loss. Proceed at your own risk. See our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Is it a virus or other malware?

  • Are there pop-up ads even when you are not browsing the internet?
  • Is your browser redirecting you to sites you were NOT trying to visit?
  • Do you have pop-ups telling you that your computer is infected and it’s not your known anti-virus software?

There are only two-steps we recommend for home users.

  • Scan your computer with Malwarebytes (free version).
  • Scan your computer with an updated version of AVG Anti-Virus(paid version) or Microsoft Security Essentials(free for personal use).

If you cannot log on to your computer in either normal mode or safe mode (see Software Troubleshooting) we recommend you contact us for professional assistance.

Call, Email or Drop By – 337-376-0655 / our office is located at 1403 W. Prien Lake Rd (Holly Hill Plaza), Lake Charles, LA


Download Malwarebytes from the following site only:

If your computer cannot connect to the internet or is being redirected, you  can download the program on  another computer and transfer it to the infected computer using a CD, external hard drive or flash drive.

Install Malwarebytes on the infected computer and update the program if possible.
Run a complete computer scan.
Select the option to remove any issues after the scan completes.

Boot into Safe Mode if not already there and repeat the steps above.
If you were unable to update Malwarebytes during the first scan, boot normally then attempt to update and repeat the steps above.


If you are still experiencing issues or problems:

If you are still experiencing issues at this point, we recommend our professional computer repair support:

SP Networking:

  • Quick-turnaround – non-hardware issues can usually be resolved in 24-48 hours
  • Professional Service – we are professionally certified in the Information Technology industry
  • On-Site, Off-Site and Remote Support Available
  • Emergency Service – emergency service is available to meet your critical needs
  • Call, Email or Drop By – 337-376-0655 / our office is located at 1403 W. Prien Lake Rd (Holly Hill Plaza), Lake Charles, LA

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