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Computer Repair | Lake Charles, Louisiana
With our Offsite Computer Repair service, you can drop off your computer or equipment at our office. SP Networking will diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your computer system. We service and repair all brands and models of desktop and laptop computers. We can also service and maintain servers and printers.

Whether the problem is software or hardware related, we will quickly diagnose and repair your computer. We stock common hardware components and have an array of vendors available to source just about anything else needed. Most software problems can be resolved quickly and some even remotely. Check out our remote support page for more information on remote support services.

Offsite Computer Repair
Computer Hardware Repair YES
Computer Software Repair YES
Hardware Installation YES
Software Installation YES
Computer Troubleshooting YES
Computer Diagnostics YES
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If you would like us to repair your computer at your location, please contact us or see our onsite computer repair services.

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