Data Backup Solutions

Have you checked your data backup lately? Are you backing up locally and off-site? What do you do when you accidentally delete an important file? What is your plan in the event of a total data loss? These are serious questions that we can help you answer. With SP Networking’s Complete I.T. Solution, your backup plan and solution is included. We configure, monitor, and maintain your on-site and off-site data backup. If you lose data, one call will begin the remedy process. We support solutions from single file to full server recovery. Even if you have specialized applications or an e-mail server we offer options that can keep your data safe.

Off-site Data Backup | Lake Charles, Louisiana
SP Networking’s offsite backup solution protects you in the event of theft, fire, hurricane or other catastrophic event. Your data is securely stored in an encrypted format on multiple data centers. Should the unforeseen happen. SP Networking can quickly recover your data and have you back up in running. Don’t leave your critical data to chance. Let the professionals at SP Networking take the worry out of your data backup.